The protective shield for your health

 Can you imagine that there is something that can protect you from the thousands of sickening outside influences, which affect you every day?

Meridian and diamond shieldWell, amazingly enough, there already is such a system in the body, but it has become inactive!!!!!

Nature has taken precautions and has equipped us with a wonderful energetic network of meridians.

The energetic network of meridians, which flow along the surface, have this purpose exactly: namely to protect us from outside influences.

It is a delicately woven net that informs the body's surface just like the iron shirt of a knight's armour that could fend off stabs and slashes.

If, however, too many slashes hit the armour every day and the tissue gets ripped often, ties will be lacking at some spots, while they are formed at others. Rust is caused by weather. (charges)

This is exactly the condition our protection, our shield has degenerated into.

In Chinese martial arts and in chi gung, the aim of training has always been to strengthen and purify this meridian system in such a way that a diamantine body will be the result and even blows and strokes are unable to harm a trained person.…

Therefore, all we need are two things:
regular discharge and a functioning diamantine protective shield.


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