Harmonic Oscillations

The teachings of harmonics by Pythagoras

The term harmonics comes from harmonious and originates from the verb that can be translated with „to join together“ or „to put in order“. Order, established by clay and number and flowing out to a world of harmony (cosmos), matches the original term of harmonics as conceptualised by Pythagoras and his successor.
The basic idea of Pythagoras is: „the entire universe is harmony and number“. It needs to be considered that the greek word “harmony” also means „octave“, which is the musical interval containing all tones and constantly repeating them from low- pitch to high-pitch and back again.

The Pythagoreans mainly conducted their experiments with an instrument called monochord. One or more 1.2 metre long strings were attached on one side, which could be adjusted similar to those of a guitar. After that, there were bridges that could be moved freely and you could remeasure the various lengths.

Scheme: Monochord

This device made it possible for them to prove
that there is a reciprocity between the length of the strings and the frequencies (tone).

At this point, I would like to ask you to pause for a moment and contemplate something, which is unique to my knowledge and that is an exact correlation between
a mathematical ratio and a sensory organ.

We all have grown up in a world where a sensory organ is perceived as something subjective, according to the motto: „it is in the eye of the beholder“. Then we suddenly discover that our auditory system is capable of recognizing an exact physical law.

For further understanding of the Harmonic Frequency Therapy according to Baklayan, it is enough for the moment, if we bring to mind the following fact (which, by the way, is known to every music instrument maker, as all musical instruments obey to these mathematical ratios and are manufactured in accordance with them):

Just like the ratio of 1 to ½ doubles the frequency and therefore has the same note of the next octave as a result, all the other notes of an octave consist of such mathematical ratios:

Thus, the G, for example, is located at a third of the string length and therefore has the ratio of 1 to 3 – 1/3. All the other notes consist of such mathematical ratios, too.

Table of intervals

Interval Oktave Quint Major Third Minor Third Fourth Minor Sixth Majore Sixth Whole
2:1 3:2 5:4 6:5 4:3 8:5 5:3 9:8

All these years, my basic idea was that also the body with all of its meridian systems and its organs and their functions is most likely to consist of such ratios.

As you know, we have had a first breakthrough when we discovered the meridian basic frequencies. These resulted in the 24 frequencies of the Golden Stream Program and its further development to the Diamond Shield Program.

These programs were so safe and effective that I could use them as a basis for my contemplations.

After almost 20 years, I stumbled over something so simple one day that I could have slapped my face for not realising it earlier, namely two facts which I have known all along:

  1. that there are twelve main-meridians
  2. that there are twelve tones within one octave when also considering the semitones.


Furthermore, practitioners of Chinese medicine have known for thousands of years that the energy flow from one meridian to the next follows a determined sequence. In our western world, this fact is mostly known through the Chinese organ clock. I had to determine the frequency of the starting point and that of the endpoint for every meridian, so that I was able to determine the frequency spectrum of every meridian.

You surely can feel the excitement I felt when this system revealed itself to me and everything seemed to go together so wonderfully.

After I had gotten the table, which runs from the bottom to the top and defines more than 25 levels, I found out that each of these levels contained a complete application system for well-being of the human being:

  • psychosomatic level
  • vegetative level
  • regulatory level
  • organ level
  • organ-detoxification level
  • meridian level
  • chacras level

and so on …

Possible applications:

The possible applications are far too many to list them all here. We are currently developing a complete new system for regulating, detoxifying, prevention and protection. Nevertheless, we would be happy to keep you up to date.

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