Why is 5G so dangerous?

 What makes 5G so dangerous? Why should you protect yourself from the 5G network?

In today's digital, wireless age, the exposure to electromagnetic fields is already well above the limits that are good for us humans, but also for our environment and animals. Many symptoms of today's society such as restless sleep, stress, headaches or concentration difficulties (to name only the harmless ones) have been proven to be due to the ever-increasing E-Smog load. Animals as well as humans and our environment are becoming more and more polluted. This has been scientifically proven by various studies for a long time. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, headphones and many other electrical devices must always function quickly and wirelessly everywhere. Due to this urge of today's society, the ever-expanding networking is almost celebrated excessively. What unfortunately loses sight of the broad spectrum is the ever-increasing harmful radio exposure for humans.

Scientists and physicians have already warned strongly of the considerable proven health risks before the introduction of the 5G network. 5G now leads to a further massive increase in exposure to wireless communications. 5G will massively increase exposure in the high frequency range by adding it to existing areas such as GSM, UMTS, LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth, etc. The planned 5G technology will only work over very short distances. The signals are poorly transmitted due to solid material. Due to the short range, a large number of new antennas would be required and the complete introduction will lead to additional antennas in urban areas at 10-12 house intervals.

The upgrade function of our devices is of unbelievable value in order to protect yourself against such serious burdens as the expansion of the 5G network! With the upgrade function, you can protect yourself from future burdens that are not relevant at the present time.

How can we protect ourselves?

It is difficult to protect oneself from E-Smog pollution, as one is permanently exposed to harmful frequencies, especially in large cities.
That's why we've added the new E-Blockers to our range - for at home and on the move!

Electrosensitive people in particular could benefit enormously from this:

  • E-Blocker / E-Blocker Unlimited: E-Smog protection in the form of a plug, for individual interference frequency neutralisation of living and working areas. It not only improves the general room climate, but also your sleep quality! Range of the E-Blocker: approx. 80 m2 (depending on room conditions) on one level. The E-Blocker is also available in the Unlimited version, that means with a lifetime upgrade for all upcoming changes and new interference frequencies, like the new 5G network. You send us your outdated E-Blocker and we will update it at any time!
  • E-Blocker Amulet / E-Blocker Amulet Unlimited: E-Smog protection for universal interference frequency neutralization on the way. The amulet - a lovingly handmade unique specimen - has still another, important advantage: it protects you not only against E-Smog, but lowers with regular wearing in addition also still loads, which your body already absorbed before and stored! The amulet can therefore also reduce strains which your body has already absorbed some time ago. Always carry your little interference frequency fighter with you and make your everyday life easier! The amulet is also available in the Unlimited version.

How do the E-Blockers work?

Frequencies are inverted and oscillated on different carrier materials, which are located inside the device housing. In combination with the electromagnetic field, the carrier materials generate destructive interferences (interference frequencies), which neutralize the E-Smog frequencies. Frequency peaks are softened and sensitive people feel less strained immediately.
E-Blocker (plug): Although the plug must be plugged into the socket in order to use the existing electromagnetic field, it still does not consume any electricity. No current flows through the device!

The functional principle of the E-blocker and the E-blocker amulet is based on the principle of classical bioresonance.

Unlimited - Why should you upgrade regularly?

The various interference frequencies (loads) that are currently stored on our device were taken from the current environment by measurements with an antenna specially designed for this purpose. However, as new loads are constantly being added (the most recent example is probably the debate about the upcoming 5G network), it is necessary for comprehensive protection to update your device from time to time when new technologies come onto the market. For further information and to find out exactly when an upgrade is worthwhile for you, please contact your consultant at any time.

Unlimited Version: Both the plug and the amulet are available in an Unlimited Version - this means that you have purchased a Lifetime-Upgrade with the product and can send in your E-Blocker at any time with innovations of our technology, such as the upcoming 5G network, and we bring its protective function up to date! Even if you have purchased our standard version of the E-Blocker for testing purposes, you can still upgrade to the Lifetime Upgrade version at any time.

Field reports:

Eva R. (Wiesbaden): "I don't know exactly how to describe it, but the air somehow felt "cooler and cleaner". Since I own the E-Blocker, I sleep much better and feel more rested."

Sibille J. (Munich): "Because of all the work with electrical equipment at the workplace and the radiation emitted daily by this multitude of devices, headaches were almost part of my everyday working life. Since the E-Blocker has been installed at my workplace, my headaches have been significantly reduced, I feel fitter and my ability to concentrate has also improved considerably."

Frauke W. (Munich): "I suddenly felt noticeably better, my body felt much more relaxed and lighter. Only afterwards did my colleague tell me that an E-Blocker had been installed in our company on that day!

Tom H. (Schongau): "We already had a similar device at work once, which unfortunately didn't give me any relief, so I was very skeptical at the beginning. After the device was replaced by the new E-Blocker, my headaches were finally gone! I'm convinced."

Alan B. (Heilpraktiker from Munich): "I diagnosed one of my patients with a strong electrosmog load due to electroacupuncture. After she wore an E-Blocker amulet for 2 weeks and I tested her again, I noticed that the load measured at that time had decreased by 80%! My patient's been much better ever since."

Renate, A. (Daglfing): "The stones of the E-Blocker amulet look like amber and it is generally very pretty. At first, however, I was disappointed by the effect, because I could not notice any noticeable improvement - on the contrary: I rather had the impression that some of my complaints, which I associate with electrosmog, become even stronger when I wear the amulet. I wanted to put the amulet therefore already disappointed in one of my jewellery drawers, but after a few days I could notice that I feel altogether much better, the discomfort gradually further decrease and wear the amulet now around the clock. I don't want to miss it anymore."

Uwe, P. (Passau): "For some years now I have been feeling electric fields from mobile phone radiation and WLAN more and more strongly and suffer a great deal from them. The E-Blocker amulet is for a long time the first product, which shows an effect with me. I feel much better and I have also noticed that my chronic cold has decreased very much."  Peter K. (Berlin): "For many years I have tried different shielding methods and have always been disappointed. I am very satisfied with the amulet, I feel a clear difference when I wear it."

Margot S. (Vienna): "I noticed immediately that something changed by wearing the E-Blocker amulet. At first I only wore the amulet during the day, but now I don't take it off anymore. Since then I have felt very fit and relieved and I have noticed a few more changes since wearing it constantly: my digestion has become much more regular and my dry, chapped skin has spontaneously improved."


Some of the statements made here and the products listed are based on findings which are not recognised by so-called conventional medicine. The statements made regarding indications and efficacy as well as applications of the products listed here do not replace treatment by a physician or alternative practitioner.

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