Micro currents


Micro currents are electric voltages which are far below one volt: It is commonly known that the belief “the more the better” has molded the human mind.

Natural health professional A. E. Baklayan noticed during his bioenergetic testing again and again that in the supporting programs, i.e. the so-called “comfort programs with harmonic oscillations” which are extremely low voltages (less than one volt) showed better results. Here, less was often more.

Until now, the lowest voltage value in Zappers was 1 volt (more accurate measurements in the test laboratory showed that the lowest value was at 1.3 volts, in spite of 1 volt on the display) therefore sometimes it was much too high. The new Diamond Shield Zapper IE has been designed to be adjustable up to 0.1 volts.

For this reason, it is legitimate to refer to the Diamond Shield Zapper IE as first relaxation and wellness device.


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