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Welcome to Mannayan - your online shop for vitamins, the Diamond Shield Zapper with micro currents and nutritional supplements. 

We offer to you natural and high quality nutrinional supplements like minerals, vitamins, oils and health products. 

In addition we sell the famous frequency device - the Diamond Shield Zapper with micro currents- the advancement of Dr. Hulda Clarks's Clark-Zapper incl. accessories. 

Buy your nutrional supplements, vitamins, minerals and Zapper products easily and simply online with Mannayan®. If you have more questions, please give us a call:  +49 (0)89-18 90 84 6-0

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Mannayan® Olineshop for supplements and much more

Mannayan® is your online shop for vitamins, nutritional supplements and the Diamond Shield Zapper with micro currents! 

Nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals are intended to help us avoiding and preventing defeciency syndroms, which occur along poor nourishment. 

But our Mannayan® Shop offers more, of course - like vital supplements, enzyme, algae and cleaning products, which help with detoxication and purification and support our general well-being. 

Vitamins take part in many important body functions like cell structure, regulation of the metabolism, strengthening of the immune system and many more. They are not produced by the organism, they have to be absorbed through food. 

Minerals are not produced by the organism, either. They are important e.g. for growth, metabolism, sanguification or wound healing. 

Furthermore we offer the Diamond Shield Zapper with micro currents - the handy bio-frequency device after Dr. Hulda Clark. Its programs contain lots of different Dr. Clark-, Rife-, TENS- and Baklayan-frequencies. 

We offer a broad range of products for detoxication and purification supporting the cleaning and parasite cures developed by Dr. Hulda Clark.

You can find more details in our book selection including authors like Dr. Hulda Clark, Alan E. Baklayan and David Servan-Schreiber.

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